About Katie


I am a world traveler, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, music lover, avid reader, lifelong learner, community organizer, international development enthusiast, mentor, and evaluator for nonprofits and foundations. I have lived in Uganda and Russia, have traveled to 15 countries on six continents (including Antarctica) and am currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I work as a Senior Analyst for a consulting firm, mentor Peace Corps applicants, run a Peace Corps meetup group, and network with nonprofits and entrepreneurs.

Starting The Oswald Report is one of several goals I have set for 2017. I’m still searching for my niche, so if you read something that helps you, please comment or send me a message. It will help me figure out where I can have the greatest positive impact. I would love for this blog to be interactive! Definitely reach out if you are interested in Peace Corps and would like to learn more about the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer. We can also share travel stories and advice, new bands (or old) that we just discovered, help each other with advice and resources for our personal projects and entrepreneurial endeavors, and/or discuss new ideas about international development, science, tech, or any other awesome stuff we have learned recently.

Welcome to The Oswald Report!